The Life of Christ: From Bethlehem to Emmaus


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We now offer a new Sunday School Curriculum developed for a traditional Anglican church. The Life of Christ: From Bethlehem to Emmaus is a complete curriculum written for children ages five to twelve. Through storytelling, activities, games, skits, projects, memory verses and review activities, children learn about the life of Christ. They learn how this story is THE Story that they hear about and experience in their traditional parishes each week. Throughout the year, students make connections between the Bible stories they learn in Sunday school, the services they participate in each week and the Book of Common Prayer (1928 American edition) they use regularly. Each week too, they review previous lessons using curriculum specific review cards. With questions, activities and projects for both younger and older children, this curriculum is ideal for both single and multi-grade level classrooms. Permission is granted for purchasers to photocopy activity pages only for use in the classroom.

Also, be certain to purchase the perfect companion book for the children in Sunday School: Anglican Prayers for Children.

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